No.1 Easiest payment solution in Africa.

Making money collection easy for businesses, Person to Person, Events, Charities, NGO's etc. all in realtime. You only have to place QR banner for clients to scan and make payment.

Payment solution to Friends/Family, Websites and Local Services.

We aim to be the No.1 Easiest african payment gateway, Receive and send money effortlessly and free of charge!.

How it work?

First thing is to download our PesaLive app and..

Create Account

Topup your Account

Unlimited ways to Pay.

Why you choose & trust us among
all others services

Easy Account Monitor

Receive all earning and spend notification in our app, the only one that you can use to make payments.

Easy money transaction

Send and Receive easily, display QR Code or share payment ID, for programmable account, just share your contact. Pay using any account you have permission to Spend.

Globally supported

Pay anyone in any country, He/She can withdraw to any local methods available. Banks and Local Agents are available by defaults.

Small Widthdraw Fee

Sending and Receiving is Free of Charge. We only charge small monthly fee and during withdraw.

Small Monthly Fee

Keeping your money the same amount is a high risk to us, since currency exchange vary everyday, to atleast cover small percent, we will charge very small monthly fee.

Group Accounts Supported

In any merchant account created, once you add more than one manager, meaning any account action (add spending, add permission to users etc.) must be approved by 75% of total account managers. All managers and users(if added to receive transaction notification) will receive account notification.

Never loose your Money

If you have some funds on your Primary Account, What happens incase you die..?, In most digital wallets, money goes to digital wallet company. That is not right! to us, you can add family members or any person who can have a hold of your account once you are not active for some time!.

Plus many other features coming soon..